Monday, May 14, 2012

Louis - Stress Fracture and Angeles Crest 100

Beside my crew and my coaches few knows what's going on with my injury and my plan for Angeles Crest 100.  Here is what's going on.

In late April I went to get an MRI for my legs.  It turned out that I have a stress fracture.  It's one of those thing where I have a bone bruise from trauma but it does not show a hairline on the x-ray.  My primary care physician Dr. Zamora knows that I am training for a 100 mile run and it was hard for him to deliver the news.  I was disappointed and I almost broke down in tear.  I asked him how long do I have to sit out for. He said 6-8 weeks. I said huh 4-6 weeks? No, he said 6-8 weeks.  Dr Zamora told me that I have accomplished a lot over the last few years and there is no need to rush back and do this 100 miles.  No one (including me) knows that I will go from hiking, to running marathon, to doing Ironman, and to finish a 50 miles run in a few short years.  I agreed.  Then ask him what can I do to keep my fitness up.  I made it very clear to him that I want to attempt the Angeles Crest 100.  Not to finish, but to participate.  Since I already did my trail work and I ran my qualifying race, I want to at least try and drop when I know I need to drop.  I want to at least get some experience after I am clear from my doctor.

I text my coaches, Vitapanda Kevin, and a few people about this.  I wrote a few emails to my crew and told them what happen.  They are all very supportive and will be here for me.  I told them I felt like they were riding on a sinking ship and they told me to shut up.  I have several theories in term of why this happened but I decided not to share them and just leave it behind.  A few hours later I was actually fine with this injury because it is what it is and I know exactly what I need to do to get better (not running).  Unlike some other stuff that I was dealing with, there is no unknown with this injury.  I just need to move forward.

So for the next few weeks I am not running.  I am just going to swim and bike to keep up my fitness, and see where this will take me.  I have no expectation and I will drop if I feel pain.