Sunday, December 16, 2012

Echo Mountain + Inspriation Point

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Start From COBB Estate
After 2.7 miles you will hit an intersection. Take the trail to your left 'Cape of Good Hope, Mount Lowe Road'
After 0.8 mile you will hit the Mount Lowe Fire Road, and a right and go up the fireroad
After 3.5 miles you will hit the saddle, bend right and continue the fire road to Inspiration Point.
Follow the fireroad to Inspiration Point. Do not follow the single track. That's Idle Hour trail, part of the Angeles Crest 100 trail run.
Inspiration Point. After Inspiration Point go back to way you came to the saddle
At the saddle, follow Sunset Trail back to Echo Mountain (it's 2.7 mi). At the end of the trail. Make a left to Echo Mountain
After Echo Mountain, turn around. Walk straight, make a left to Lower Sam Merril Trail and back to way you came.