Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Louis - Before heading out to IM CDA

Work, Pack, Pack, Work, Pack. Just because I can't throw everything i my car I am a little stress. The good thing is my bike is already heading to Idaho along with some of my nutrition, 9 CO2, 5 tubes, an extra tire, and a bunch of other stuffs.

A lot have happened the last few months. I almost decided not to do IMCDA if it wasn't for the other VitaPanda. Honestly. I am just lost... like a swimmer in a huge foggy lake (in the dark too) trying to get back to the shore... drowning in raw emotion. If someone were try to help, I'll probably drag that person to the bottom of the lake with me (Yes, I am dangerous like that). While I am swimming in circle, I notice something... I notice a little navigational buoy with a blinking light far far away... so I decided to swim toward it... when I get near it, I found another one, and another one... (story to be continue)

So what are or who are these buoys? My coaches and friends who gave me support. When I am lost and going thru some silly patches, they are there for me and guide me to the right direction. By guiding means that I need to find my own path. You don't learn if you don't experience.

Thanks buoys... you know who you are

With a new mindset going to IM CDA, I am looking forward to cross the finish line and learn some more about myself...


  1. awwwww.....are you that cute sea lion waiting to jump into the sea??? "yes, you are!!! yes, you are!!!!" Louis is ready to cross that finish line!!!!!!!!