Monday, September 5, 2011

Louis - Retiring from Ironman and taking a break

During the last few years I grow a lot. But there is a problem. I haven't really have a break. First it was hiking, then it was the Wilderness Travel Course, then 2 seasons of Team In Training Marathon Team, then 3 seasons of Team In Training Ironteam. Over the last few years I did at least 65 races. Simply put it, I race to train. During the last few years I am always growing. Both physically and mentally. I feel like a tree that just keep on growing without going thru the 4 seasons. It's always spring time and I am always growing. So what happen now is that I am this huge tree but I look kind of funny. I realized, and my coaches told me long ago, that I need a break from training and focus more on myself. I need to go thru the winter. Where my bad branches will fall off (does tree do that?) so I can come back as a bigger (but not funny looking) tree.

Let's not to say that I am going to take a break, keep up with my Louis diet, and become a ball. That's not what this break is about. I am taking a break so that I can focus on other things. Things that are actually important but I have been putting off. Yes, eat better and lose weight will be one of my focus along with a few other things.

Once I get the ball rolling, I will start training again. This time I will train for an ultra marathon. I haven't finalized the detail yet as I just got out of Ironman Canada. I am not even sure which races I will be doing. But I have an ultimate goal. A goal so big it may take me a few tries. My goal is not just to finish a 100 miles trail race, but the Angeles Crest 100 mile trail race.

Why AC 100? I always consider myself a hiker, not a marathoner or an Ironman. The whole craziness start off with hiking. Angeles National Forest is my playground. To me, doing AC 100 will be coming back to a full circle. This is some serious stuff and I am going to train seriously. And I can't train seriously without this break.

I may do another Ironman sometime in the future, but Ironman Canada will be my last Ironman for a long time. I can make an Ironman much harder by pushing myself to go faster. But going fast is not in my gene. I always tell others that I am a Type B person doing a Type A sport. So doing LSD (Long Distance Running) is going to be a good way to challenge myself because it is going to be harder than doing an Ironman. I am looking forward to get stronger physically. But more important, I am looking forward to grow mentally.

Like I said with my other posts, I do not just become who I am by myself. Everyone makes a positive impact in my life. Including the toxic people (because they are toxic, they make me grow too).

I can't possibly list out everyone that I want to thanks. Well I can, but I am posting a picture of for each one of them and it will take me forever to find all these pictures. But you know who you are.

A few special special thanks to my WTC (Hiking/Camping) instructors Patrick, Steve, and Scott. My first Marathon Head Coaches Kiley and Dave. My first Ironman Head Coaches Paul and Rad. Coach Jimmy and Kate Freeman from the Coyotes. VitaPanda Kevin. And of course, ME! I guess I have to thanks myself to move forward and thrive for the better.




Coach Kiley, Coach Dave, and the TNT SGV Spring 2008 Marathon Support Staff

Coach Paul and I. I am wearing my first Ironman Shirt (Vineman 2009) and my last Ironman Visor (Ironman Canada 2011)

Coach Rad

Coach Jimmy and Kate Freeman

VitaPanda Kevin

ME and Sully!

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  1. I think there's an ebb and flow with doing these things Louis. Take a step back week :D! Healthy rest my friend!. The mind and body need rest and recovery.

    Thanks Louis! Inspiring chapter (paragraph...?) of your life!