Sunday, April 22, 2012

Louis - AC 100 Trail Work

As part of the qualification for Angeles Crest 100, I am required to do 8 hours of trail work in the Angeles Crest Forest.  I wanted to get this over so I can focus on training.  I know my marathon coach Kiley will be there, so does my Coyotes friend David Chan, but I have no ideas who will show up. I packed my stuff early Sat morning and got to the meeting point at 6:15 for the 7:00am meet time.

So of course I have no clue who's who because I am new to this ultra community but everyone seem to know each other.  Then it hits me, I am working with 24 others that will be running the AC 100 course. And guess what, of the 25 people we have yesterday, I think there are only a few first timers.  That means I am standing next to like 20 100 miles finishers.  I wasn't really scared or anything, but I am like @$#% this is for real, 91 more days.

The next thing I know I am standing next to the Dominic Grossman that won last year's race. Then I was standing next to Jorge Pacheco who won it a few times. Then Jussi Hamalainen who ran it every year and he also won a few times... and this guy is like 65 *_*.  And then I recognized more people from the AC 100 race book.  I didn't know their names, but I seen pictures.

I think this is one of the reason why I like to do trail running now because it's more low key.  It's a small community and everyone know each other.

We gathered and carpool to the site.  I was carpooling with Tony and realized I met him thru a mutual friend in my rock climbing days. I was just talking to people and they offered some advices.  I heard great finish and I also heard about the drop out.  Everyone said to slow down. I sure don't have that problem because I am slow.  Again and again, nutrition (which I am good at) and being tough mentally are the key to finish this race.

The actual work itself was tiring.  Only because my legs were trashed from the therapy sessions on Friday. Note to self, never go to therapy the day before trail work.  Anyway, we drove to Mt Harvard, hiked a few miles in and worked on the Winter Creek Trail.  We widen the trail and did various works.  It was a good day.

I am fine toning my run this Sat at Leona Divide 50 milers.  After that I will need to start planning on AC 100.  I must get the nutrition right and my crew will make sure I eat and drink enough.  AC 100 is my formula one race (or 24 hours of Le Mans). I am the driver and they are the pit crew.  Without their support, I will not finish.  I picked them because I know I can trust them.

How many people run a 100 miles for run? apparently a lot
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