Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Louis - Angeles Crest 100 update: A new meaning of Panda

black (bad experience) + white (good experience) = Panda
I have been focusing on Angeles Crest 100 so I did not give enough update.  The road to recovery is going well.  I started hiking this weekend and I will continue to do so until the doctor give me the go ahead to run.  My coaches, my crew, my doctor, and I are all on the same page in turn of what's best for me.

I am still going to participate in the race and I have been doing a lot of planning.  I studied the map, I planned my nutrition and told my crew what I need from each of them.   I am looking forward to see how this race unfold.

This whole getting hurt thing impact me mentally more than anything else.  As illustrated on the picture about.  If I only focus on the negative and question why things happen the way they did, I will only let this experience define who I am.  If I try to brush off the whole thing, I will not learn anything either.  But if I learn from this bad experience, then I am growing... and I become a panda.  With anything in life, we cannot focus on only the good nor the bad.  Treasure the good, learn from the bad, and let these experience help you grow as a person.  It's easy for me to say all these but it's still suck.  Who wants to get hurt?  But things happen for a reason and you just need to deal with it.  We'll see what happen in a few weeks.  As long as I follow my believe, I will learn something more.  Finish or not, it will make me a stronger panda.


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