Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Ultra Me

I have been doing a lot thinking after Ironman Arizona (race report). I finished the race and I felt solid compare to the two other Vineman that I done. Yet I have regret about the race. Not because I did not PR, but because I gave up going as fast as I can after some pain on the bottom of my foot. I even felt a sense of sorrow in me.

This feeling stayed with me for a while until I ran with two ultra marathoners up the Mt Wilson trail. Not wanting them to wait for me forever I ran as much as I can, and as fast as I can. That was what I needed. I needed to spend all the energy I didn't use in Ironman Arizona. I realized out why I am upset about IMAZ. I am upset because I didn't give it my best. Not because I didn't PR, but because I didn't run as fast as I can. As I was running down the Mt Wilson trail I rediscovered the joy of racing, and the joy of going fast (and well... killing yourself with crazy heart heart of course).

I realized my finish time isn't my priority. It never is. What make me feel accomplished is not so much about the time, but about the effort I put in for a race. In the world of triathlon, I got caught up with time. During a race I figure if Iwant to PR, or not to PR... if I can't PR, then go slow so I can recover faster... etc. I lost my reason to race. I race to challenge myself and to have fun. Here in Vita Panda, I renew my racing vow to give out my best effort for every race in 2011 (except Tokyo Marathon). Let's see what's going to happen in 2011.

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