Friday, December 31, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond 2010

By Kevin

2010. The final year of the decade. The year of bittersweet memories. The moments of discoveries. The beginning of soul searching.

Exactly a year ago, I was in a tough situation (definitely not as tough as the rest of the billions of people that were having it worse than I had) or so I thought it was. I had lost my battle in my relationship as well as my battle with GMAT, yet, the bigger problem was the battle with myself. Having lost my love and much drive for my career, I needed a new discovery.

So my friend brought me to hang out with the Coyotes for New Years Eve 2009. We headed up to Los Liones and we talked about our accomplishments and our goals. It was then and there that I've sparked my interest on trail running. In 2010, I have found trail running my new passion, new love, new escape, new way to find peace and last but not least, a new discipline. It was a year that I found out what I wanted to do for myself. That I'm running for me and for an infinite more great reasons.

2011 is going to be a crazy year. It'll be filled with events I'll be doing that I hadn't even think of back in 2009 or even the eve of 2010. 100 mile races, WTF is that? Are you kidding me? 50 miles? Is that humanly possible? Happiness on the trail? How??? Running uphill is fun? Going through the lows of the lows in a race is beneficial? Are you serious? While I don't have definite answers for all these questions, I have developed some incomplete, yet satisfying half-ass answers to these questions. For 2011, my main goal is to finish Western State 100. That is my ultimate goal. Of course there is a sweeter goal, similar to my sweeter goal of Firetrails 50, to qualify for Western States 100.

Besides WS100, I also have a few other ace races that are very important to me.

Vibram Hong Kong 100k (01/15/2011 [Inaugural]): With budget, timing and training issues, I've decided not to do it. This is definitely on my to do list. This race will be very meaningful to me. Not only is this trail in Hong Kong, my home town and where my family is in, it's also because this trail started off in Sai Kung, near the grave of my late father. It's been 20 years since his passing. Till this day, I wonder if he's proud of me. I love you dad.

Tokyo Marathon (02/27/2011): This will be my second year running this marathon along side my great friend with a huge huge heart, Louis Kwan, the man that introduced me to the Coyotes exactly a year ago to date. It's always fun running with him and eating around town in Japan with him. I hope that he'll be my life long sidekick for those purposes. I love you Louis (Vita Panda)!

Miwok 100k (05/07/2011): Leading up to Western States 100, Miwok will be another ace race of mine. The Marin Headlands had taken my soul in North Face Endurance 50 earlier this month and I would like to redeem the course with June Caseria, my WS100 partner in crime!

Western States 100 (06/25/2011 ~ 06/26/2011): This will be my ace race of ace races. This will be where I will find my true self, my soul, my life, my love, what I'm made of and how much I can really endure. I wouldn't even have known this without the Coyotes, I love you all!

My pizza sauce is burning and I need to get back to it. I wish you all a safe and warm happy new year and may 2011 be better than the previous one. I love you all.

2009 New Years Eve. My first time encountering Jimmy Dean Freeman and his Coyotes.

Boney Mountain 13 miles. My first ever trail race. Loved it so much.

My first Tokyo Marathon. Had a memorable time with my partner in crime, Louis Kwan.

Completing my first ultra marathon, Bulldog 50k, with Glen, fellow Chicagoan, fellow Coyote.

My training group within the SoCal Coyotes, Erin, June, Pedro and Chris! I love you all!

Soul searching and feeling depleted at North Face Endurance 50.

My life long love and partner in crime, Tetsuko. I love you very much. I lose you. I win you back.

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