Thursday, January 20, 2011

Louis - 'A' race #2: Carlsbad Half Marathon Pre Game Report

So... I have been getting a little antsy about the Carlsbad Half Marathon this Sunday. Even a little stress. I am stressing not because I am worry about finishing a half marathon but because I want to meet a certain time goal. Not only do I want to PR this Sunday, I actually want to go under a certain time, a time that I set for myself. It's funny this race is actually more important than my other bigger races this year. Maybe it's because this is my 4th time running it? Maybe it's because I am running this race in memory of Renee Benson and George Morrison? Or beat someone's time? I think it's a little bit from each.

I sent my race plan early week to teamsquareone and Coach Paul made minor adjustment to it. I think it's a good solid plan to reach my goal. Unlike Boney Mountain Trail Race where I do have places where I need to walk (thus taking a break). This one will almost be all run. I think Boney Mountain is more of a physical challenge because I put a great deal of stress (from all the uphill and downhill) to my body. This one is going to be mental because I am going to run at a very good pace and I cannot 'lag' if I were to hit my goal. My heart and lung will hate me this Sunday.

Regardless of what I end up doing on Sunday, I know I am going all out. And that I need to control my pace and not to run too fast early on.

I ran tue night to find my race pace/racing heart rate, and the number looks good.

2008: 2:25:50 Pace 11:08
2009: 2:09:15 Pace: 9:52
2010: 1:58:25 Pace 9:02 (6.6 mi at 59.48 Pace 9:04)
2011: ? Pace ?

So I picked a song for this race to give you a virtual representation of how I am going to run on Sunday.

Asian Kung Fu Generation - After Dark

I am going to control my speed in the beginnging (wrap my wing and keep myself in the cage)
then... be patient... don't spread my wing...
until... the right moment (in this case mile 6.6)...
then... I am going to run as fast as I can... like that dude in the music video!!!

2 days more!

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