Sunday, January 23, 2011

Louis - 'A' race #2: Carlsbad Half Marathon Race Report

This is my 4th time finishing this race yet this is the worst I ever feel. This is not my slowest half marathon, but definitely one of the toughest (given how I feel). Everything is good leading to the race. I feel a little nervous going to the race because I want to reach my goal. But it's the good nervous, I feel good about beating my PR and I know I know I am capable to do so.

This year I am running in honor of Jodi and Gilbert. And as always, this race is dedicated to Renee and George

the pre 'feel like shit' picture for both of us - Louis and Emil

Weather forecast said the race will be in the 60th. Turned out everyone was getting toasted at mid to even high 70s. I think I got overheated (alone with a few issues) and reduced to this... beat up thing. The regular Louis will definitely call it a day and start walking. Why kill myself if I don't feel well? But I (the 'A' game Louis) told myself I need to give it all I got for every race. I know I won't PR, but I am going to give it all I got. To me it's the effort that counts.

It took an eternity, but I am at the mile 12. At this race, I mad dash from mile 12 to the finish every single time (yes, even for my 2nd half marathon (Carlsbad is my second half marathon ever) back in 2008). I tried and I couldn't pick up my speed. (I guess this is how I confirm to myself that I do... in fact... feel like shit). I ran as fast as I can, and cross the finish line at around 2:07:42. Not fast by IronteamLouis standard, but definitely an A effort.

It turned out many people have similar issues so it's definitely not a PR weather. But that's not an excuse. I will PR next year even if the ground is on fire. I learned a few things at this year's race and I am ready to move on. A Race #3 in March. Desert International Triathlon. See you then.

Medal for Jodi along with a cute Carlsbad Marathon Shirt. Fight on Jodi and Gilbert


  1. Congrats on finishing strong even though you didn't feel on top of your game. I think that shows more than an easy race, no?

  2. Great job LK. Way to fight it through.